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THE KISS by Gustav Klimt: The first issue from the Fine Embroidery Art series

Posted on3 Months ago by 1773
The Kiss, a Power Coin issue from Fine Embroidery Art series

The art of embroidery has ancient roots that have been handed down from one generation to another for centuries. Adorning fabrics and textiles through the handwork is an exercise in precision that teaches how to be patient and consistent.

What if this art form crosses its traditional boundaries and finds new expressions in unexpected places?

Imagine a coin that captures the essence of a timeless craft and tells a story of human artistry and talent. At Power Coin we have made it! Don't you believe it?

Read on to discover more!

A series about the Art of Needlework

We were inspired by the idea that an embroidery-effect could represent a fresh form of marriage between the physical and digital artistic worlds. We wanted to give new life to an ancient craft, allowing it to transcend textiles and extend its creative reach to a completely different canvas: the reverse of a coin. It sounds impossible, and yet it really is!

The intricacy of embroidery finds a unique expression in the coin, as delicate motifs and patterns are expertly designed on its surface. Every thread and every stitch comes to life, inspiring a sense of awe and appreciation in the eyes of the true numismatics-loving collector. This innovative endeavor led to the birth of Fine Embroidery Art, a new Power Coin series that celebrates, in its first release, one of the most famous paintings of all time: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

This early 20th-century masterpiece suited our purposes perfectly: the two protagonists wear long tunics with colorful details that best express their design in the embroidery-effect. The result is a coin that is a small reproduction of an embroidery frame full of delicate and graceful cross stitches.

The Reverse

The reverse of the coin reproduces the masterpiece The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, depicting two lovers united in a tender embrace.

The intricate patterns and stylized forms are realized as if the image was embroidered on a sewing frame. The design of the reverse is, in fact, full of incredible details of the stitches of colored sewing thread. Did you know that every single cross-stitch was hand-drawn by our team?

On the right side there is the amazing detail of a realistic sewing needle partially hidden from the surface of the loom, which reappears on the obverse.

The Obverse

The obverse of the coin recalls the theme of embroidery without coloration, representing the downface side of the loom, where the inscription "FINE EMBROIDERY ART" is mirrored - just as it would appear on the back of a real embroidery frame.

Here, the detail of the needle is shown from the rear viewpoint, allowing a view of the needle inserted into the loom.

The center of the obverse depicts the Public Seal of Palau with the inscriptions: "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" - the issuing country and "20$" - the face value.

Working on the design of this coin was a great satisfaction, because it is for all intents and purposes a one-of-a-kind coin.

It doesn’t presume to provoke striking amazement, but it's design invites us to contemplate the beauty that lies in simple things, which most of the time are not simple at all!

Now that you have learned more about this coin, we're sure you won't be able to resist it either. What are you waiting for to add it to your coin collection?

Do you want to take a closer look at the coin? Don't miss our video review in which we talk about it!

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