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In loving memory of Micheal Miles Standish

Posted on1 Month ago by 1180

Michael “Miles” Standish passed away on July 10, 2023 and it is with immense gratitude that we write the present article for having had the chance to meet him in person and for having had the opportunity to interview him in our offices.

As we had the pleasure of finding out personally during the interview Miles granted us by paying us a visit, we know that it was by inheriting his grandfather's coin collection that in his teens he began to pay attention to coins and their appearance.

Taking an interest in the condition of coins, of their material and symbolic value, Miles never stopped devoting himself to numismatics and this persistence in his beloved field made him the astonishing expert and great man that he was.

The way we want to remember him is smiling as he feels our human warmth, our appreciation for his person and lunch with our team, bestowing erudition, joy and passion.

Special thanks to Miles and all the favorable conditions that allowed us to meet this unique, unrepeatable and "OUTSTANDISH" genius.

Honored to have known such a genius and to have interviewed him, a few weeks after his passing we cannot help but share an interview with Miles Standish. Thank you, Miles, for the "outstandish" moments together.

We are equally proud to have on our site for sale some of the stunning coins he designed, which show not only his sense of belonging and love for the nation, but also his sensitivity and culture.

Check out the coins he designed below in the related products section. 

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