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Frida Kahlo La Maravilla: how we made the impossible… possible!

Posted on10 Months ago by 6443
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If you've been following us and the world of collectible coins in general, you may recall the extraordinary success of the Great Micromosaic Passion series that we launched in 2017. The series captured the hearts of both coin collectors and art aficionados, immortalizing the masterpieces of renowned artists through meticulously minted micro-mosaics. Each coin was a statement of beauty and enduring legacy of the great painters of the past. Our Birth of Venus coin, the first issue from the GMP series, has opened the door to new opportunities and challenges. In a quite natural way, the series was slowly populated with new female figures: we deepened our knowledge of the Mona Lisa, of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, of the Lady with an Ermine and of the Young Girl in Green.

The series has been so successful that it has allowed us to win the most prestigious awards from the world of numismatics: the Coin Constellation award in 2018 and the prestigious COTY - Coin of the Year award in 2019. These awards have both acknowledged and repaid the hard work in conceiving and realizing our beloved micromosaic coins.

Yes, we know… we could have stopped there, but we didn't!

The art of coin making captured our hearts so much that we could not resist the temptation to make a new micromosaic series, this time definitely enhanced. Following the resounding success of the previous collection, we are thrilled to introduce the eagerly anticipated successor: the Great Micromosaic Passion II!

The first issue of this series has the wonderful Frida Kahlo as main protagonist. Are you wondering why Frida? Because we wanted to reproduce someone who was immediately recognizable, so that we could dress her up with our micromosaic - that is kind of our trademark, isn’it? Making this coin has been a real challenge for us.
Keep on reading if you want to know why!

Frida Kahlo La Maravilla by Andre Sanchez

Frida Kahlo La Maravilla: a design by André Sanchez

The extraordinary design of the coin comes from a graphic elaboration of the talented digital artist André Sanchez. It is an artwork that depicts Frida Kahlo surrounded by exotic plants and animals, while holding the cigar in her hand. The beautiful details and colors of this artwork inspired us so much that we could not resist the urge to reproduce it on coin!

Unfortunately, it was right here that the first difficulty came up: we wanted to place Frida’s face on the lower level of the coin, in order to elevate the micromosaic with a Relief applied to all of the elements that surrounded her, as the colored flowers, the parrot, the jewel of Frida’s clothes etc. This made the printing process very difficult: but, as in all the best fairy tales, our friends at CIT came to our rescue and devised an advanced printing technique with blazing colors and super refined details, making the image of our Frida so beautiful and real!

The Reverse

Here comes the major innovation! When we first told CIT our idea of a coin with micromosaic developed on several levels, we were told "That's impossible!" However, we at Power Coin don’t take NO for an answer, so the impossibility slowly turned into "Let's see what we can do" and then became a wonderful "We can do it!"

That's the story about how this coin features a very innovative multi-layered micromosaic technique, which allowed all the elements that surround Frida to be developed on 4 different levels of Relief and complexity. The achieved result is something truly extraordinary: three-dimensionality and thickness are perfectly balanced all over the surface of the coin, giving it a distinct Ultra High Relief that makes it a one-of-a-kind piece.

That's not all! More than 8.000 tiles make up the reverse of the coin! Each tile is individually colored with extreme precision.
Incredible, right?

The Obverse

The obverse is no less impressive either!

Here, more than 4.000 micromosaic tiles make up the eccentric design with a Proof quality, while the Great Micromosaic Passion II inscription dominates with a playful style.

Then, at the bottom, there is the Coat of Arms of Palau and the face value, which is $20.

The coin comes in an elegant black case with the Power Coin logo and the Certificate of Authenticity.

The mintage is limited at only 499 pieces worldwide!

Frida Kahlo La Maravilla is one of our main challenges of 2023. We loved every single moment of the process, because it allowed us a stimulating discussion both with our team and with the fantastic collaborators who helped us make it happen.

We are clearly talking about CIT, but also about BH Mayer, who has always supported our projects and initiatives with incredible enthusiasm.

If you fell in love with this coin as we did, you should know that you can shop it on our website.

Click below to purchase!

Would you like to take a closer look at the coin? Don't miss our video review in which we talk about it! 

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