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Jaguar: the first issue of Day & Night series

Posted on10 Months ago by 3526
Jaguar, Day & Night series slider

Since the dawn of time, day and night have been two contrasting but complementary parts of our existence. During the day, we are surrounded by vivid and brilliant colors: from the glow of dawn to the golden hour, everything seems to be created to give perfect balance to the recognizable images of the world around us. But, at night, the world takes a whole new dimension, as the darkness reveals hidden details and textures that are out of sight during daytime. As we all know, the contrast between day and night may create a visual effect truly breathtaking.

From this evocative idea comes the Day & Night coin series, which provides as first release a coin dedicated to the fiercest and proudest animal in the forest: the Jaguar.

Keep reading to learn more!

Reverse of Jaguar coin

The reverse

This beautiful 3 Oz coin features a double coloration that reveals the theme of the series with an extraordinary impact. The dark and the colored sides blend together to form the snout of the Jaguar with a striking visual effect, emphasizing all the beautiful details.

The reverse features the innovative Smartminting technology, that provides an amazing design marked by an Ultra High Relief. The depth of the reverse is also intensified by the Obsidian Black Proof quality, which gives a coin a beautiful and unique black tone.

In case you’re wondering, this coin comes in an elegant frame case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity!

The obverse

The obverse too is also definitely noteworthy! It features a beautiful image of a stylized sun with a representation of the moon phases. All of these elements convey a unique attention to details by reflecting the vision of the series with high consistency.

Then, the obverse is completed by all the information about the coin as the Coat of Arms of Palau with the inscriptions: "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" - the issuing country, "20 DOLLARS" – the face value and "DAY/NIGHT" - the name of the series.

This coin has a limited mintage of 777 pcs worldwide, making it a truly must-have for a coin collector!

Obverse of Jaguar coin

For us, discovering this coin was love at first sight. We were so intrigued that we thought to ask Parmida, Sales Manager at Parthava Coin, a few questions about the coin and the series.
Keep reading to learn more about it!

Where did the idea for the Day & Night series come from?

The idea of Day & Night has been an inspiration for artists for many years, so we wanted to dig deeper into this theme by using coins as a medium. The goal of this theme is to showcase the effect of light and darkness on one single object, to emphasize the difference you can observe. Everything you see, whether it's an animal, an object, or a building, they will look differently in the light than they do in the darkness. We can see that in daylight, colors appear brighter and more vivid, and the details of objects are more noticeable. On the other hand, in darkness, the same objects may take on a new appearance, with shadows and highlights creating a unique and intriguing visual effect. We know there may be some details that are more pronounced in the light that go unnoticed as they are hidden in the dark, and vice versa. With the Day & Night series, we hope to showcase the beauty of seeing the same object in two different lights, and that the same object can be appreciated for its uniqueness in the two lights.

What made you choose the Jaguar as the first subject of the series?

Our goal was to start off the series strong, so that collectors can truly understand the thought and meaning behind the idea just by looking at the two distinct day and night halves. We chose the Jaguar to start the series off for many reasons. Firstly, the Jaguar is one of the biggest feline species in the Americas, and is a symbol of power for many cultures in the world. The Jaguar is a truly majestic animal, and we found it interesting that unlike other cats, they love the water and use their swimming skills to hunt and capture alligators! Another reason is that a black Jaguar exists alongside the Jaguar in the wild, so it was easy for us to showcase both animals using the Color and Black Obsidian features. Another interesting reason for the Jaguar is that they are active during both dawn and dusk, so this animal was perfect for our theme! Lastly, one of our goals was to demonstrate that the Jaguar is classified as a "near-threatened species", so we wanted to use the opportunity to bring awareness to it and make people appreciate the beautiful animals that roam amongst us in nature.

What were the critical issues and difficulties in achieving it?

The main critical issue that we wanted to address when the coin was being designed and created, was to ensure the details of the Jaguar were all depicted accurately with precise attention to their coloring, such as its black rosettes, whiskers, and eyes. We wanted the Jaguar to seem alive and real, and not just a dull design on the coin's surface. Given our concerns, we are extremely satisfied with the technology used by CIT to bring our idea to life by using Smartminting, Black Obsidian, Coloring, and Ultra High Relief quality to achieve the perfect Jaguar in day and night.

Can you give us a preview of how many and what other subjects are planned in upcoming releases?

We have got some exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, and our projects focus on various themes such as art, history, and more. The Day & Night series is only the beginning for us so there definitely will be more added to this series, and it may be an animal again or it may not be, but we will keep that under wraps for now! Coming up soon, however, we have another very exciting project coming out that we are really proud of as it has been made in collaboration with a highly-talented artist. We're only getting started, and we don't have plans on slowing down anytime soon!

Jaguar coin

Thanks for reading this blog post!

If you have come this far, it means that you have been fascinated by this coin, just like us!

You might be interested to know that you can also purchase it now on our website.

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This stunning 3 Oz Silver coin is the first issue in "Day & Night" series, in this edition: the Jaguar. The coin has a special design, an Ultra High Relief, an Obsidian Black Proof quality and features a Smartminting...
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