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The Lion of Lucerne: A Silver Masterpiece in the Palm of Your Hand

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Between History and Emotions Carved in Stone

In the heart of the Swiss city of Lucerne stands a monument that tells a story of courage, loyalty, and devotion. Today, Power Coin has decided to share this masterpiece with all numismatics enthusiasts, as well as those who are first experiencing the allure of our hobby.

The "Lion Monument" is an extraordinary work that has captured the world's attention for its beauty and the depth of emotion it evokes, making it one of Switzerland's most popular tourist destinations. The Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen masterfully captured the expression of the dying lion, a symbol of strength and nobility. Now, this same lion has found a new medium to tell its story: an original Power Coin.

Majestic Miniature: The Creation of the Silver Coin of the Lion of Lucerne

To fully appreciate our coin, it's important to know the story behind this fantastic monument to valor.

The genesis of the Lion Monument dates back to a pivotal period in Swiss and European history. In 1792, during the upheavals of the French Revolution, a contingent of Swiss soldiers was tasked with defending the Tuileries in Paris.

Tragedy struck when, during the clashes, many of these guards lost their lives. In an act of commemoration, the Lion Monument was commissioned to honor their sacrifice.

The Swiss government tasked Thorvaldsen to create a work that could convey the nation's pain and gratitude. The result was extraordinary: a dying lion, its body pierced by a lance, lying on a shield decorated with the French emblem. The sculptor managed to capture the fragility of life and the grandeur of sacrifice by carving into the rock.

Yet, he also left an element that still brings smiles today. The recess of the monument was carved in the shape of a pig, and to this day, it is debated whether this was the sculptor's personal revenge against the commissioner, who, he claimed, paid him poorly, or a deliberate insult to the French people who killed the Swiss soldiers to whom the work is dedicated.

A Silver masterpiece in the palm of your hand.

We have extended the impact of the Lion Monument to numismatics by creating a silver coin dedicated to this masterpiece, a tangible way to carry a piece of this extraordinary work of art in your pocket, remaining true to Power Coin’s motto "Art in your pocket."

This coin, created in collaboration with CIT, manages to maintain all the key elements that characterized the original monument. The 10-meter-wide Lion of Lucerne is now reproduced inside 33 millimeters of silver, and our design highlights its most important details: the lance that pierced the animal through, leaving it wounded and slumped on the French shield. The pig-shaped recess, whose original author's motivation is still uncertain, is also reproduced on the coin, where it exceeds the edge of the piece to underline the fact that it is a deliberate carving within our design.

And finally, the inscriptions engraved on the stone in Lucerne, Helvetiorum fidei ac virtuti (To the faith and virtue of the Swiss) are also reproduced on our coin, along with the name of the piece "Löwendenkmal Luzern," translated as "Lion Monument of Lucerne."

To emphasize further care, the fact that this proof coin has been worked using different techniques to accurately recreate the individual elements of the monument is noteworthy. The Lion, the protagonist, is glossy to draw attention to it, the rock is more matte, non-reflective, but maintains the realistic effect of the environment, and finally, the recess is colored dark to accentuate the deep carving given the size of the piece.

A Unique piece of History

The coin, with its impeccable detail and fidelity to the original sculpture, is a tangible declaration of how art can be preserved and shared through different mediums. Every owner of this coin carries a fragment of Lucerne, a piece of Swiss history, and a symbol of courage immortalized in silver.

The Lion Monument and its silver coin are examples of how art can traverse centuries, communicating emotions and stories that withstand the passage of time. Through the reflection of silver, the dying lion continues to roar, telling its timeless story to anyone fortunate enough to encounter it.

Specification Detail
Country Cook Islands
Year 2024
Face Value 5 Dollars
Metal Silver
Fineness (purity) .9999
Weight (g) 31.1 (2 oz)
Diameter (mm) 33
Quality Proof
Mintage (pcs) 499
Certificate (COA) Yes
Presentation case (box) Yes

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