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SANDCASTLE Childhood Memories 3 Oz Silver Coin 20$ Palau 2023

Posted on11 Months ago by 5307

Building sandcastles on the beach is a cherished childhood memory for many of us. It's a simple activity that can spark the imagination and bring joy to even the most mundane of days. The feel of the warm sand between your toes, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and the satisfaction of creating something from scratch make building sandcastles an unforgettable experience.

The construction of sandcastles is an activity that encourages experimentation and imagination, as children can create their own designs and let their imaginations run wild. The sandcastle becomes a canvas for their creativity, and the possibilities are endless.

And it's not just about the process, but also about the end result. Looking back at a completed sandcastle can bring a sense of pride and happiness, knowing that you created something amazing from just sand and water. It's a memory that can be cherished for years to come, reminding us of the joy and wonder of childhood.

That’s why we created this wonderful 3 Oz Silver coin, the first issue of the new "Childhood Memories" series. The coin is dedicated to the deepest and most beautiful memories of our childhood, the Sandcastle.

The coin features the Smartminting technology, has an amazing design with a lovely coloration and an incredible High Relief. It comes in an elegant frame case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage of 499 pcs worldwide.

The reverse of the coin depicts the sandcastle on the beach, primarily light brown in color, in opposition to the waves of the sea. However, there are small patches of pink from the seashells that have been stuck in the construction.

These shells add a lovely touch of color to the sandcastle, creating a beautiful contrast against the neutral tones of the sand. On the bottom of the reverse, the inscription: "2023" - the issue year hidden on the sea waves.

The obverse of the coin depicts a dream-scene with a child swinging by the moon, in the night, surrounded by friendly clouds and stars, in a lovely dream.

The child continues to swing, feeling free and weightless, with nothing but the clouds and the open sky around him. He can feel the wind in the hair and the light of the moon on her face, and it's a moment of pure joy and happiness.

On the obverse, the inscriptions: "REPUBLIC OF PALAU" - the Coat of Arms of Palau, "20$" - the face value, "Childhood Memories" - the name of the series.

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This wonderful 3 Oz Silver coin is the first issue of the new "Childhood Memories" series and is dedicated to the deepest and most beautiful memories of our childhood, in this edition: Sandcastle. The coin features...
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