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Valentine's Day Favourites

Posted on5 Months ago 1745
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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and with it comes the search for the perfect gift for your significant other. What to give? Flowers? Chocolates? Engagement rings? If you're not ready for a ring yet and think flowers are too ordinary, we have the perfect solution for you: Collectible coins! With a coin, you can give a unique and original gift, imbued with all the love you feel in the purest silver, and that over time increases in value, making it both beautiful and practical!

Here at Power Coin, we have many coins, both in silver and gold, all perfect for a gift at any time of the year. But for this occasion, we've selected our top 5 favorite coins with love as their central theme, allowing you to make the best Valentine's Day gift.

ROSES: Tell her with a flower

Numismatics enthusiasts will immediately recognize the touch of CIT, which recently minted this beautiful heart-shaped piece, featuring roses intricately engraved on a high-quality Proof metal.

Making this piece even more refined are two heart-shaped Swarovski pink stone inserts, adding an elegant and feminine touch. The coin is so beautiful that it could be displayed as a tangible token of love, appreciated even by those new to the world of collecting.

LOVE under the sheets: Two gifts to showcase your passion

This coin has two versions, one in pure silver and the other colored in red. With great technique and sophistication, the coins depict two lovers passionately embracing under the sheets.

What makes the coin spectacular is that this scene is not merely printed or engraved but is depicted with relief. If you want to express the intensity of your passion to your partner, this is the coin for you.

CUPID AND PSYCHE: an Eternal Sculpture for an Eternal Love

Cupid and Psyche is one of Antonio Canova's most famous sculptures, symbolizing love and admired by art and Latin literature enthusiasts. At Power Coin, art drives our creativity, and we've reproduced our favorite statues on what we consider the most precious coins in the world. 

This coin, part of the Eternal Sculptures series, has a unique feature: flipping it reveals the back of the original statue, as if you were circling around a museum exhibit. The silver has been crafted to achieve a black proof quality, more precious than the proof quality familiar to numismatics enthusiasts for a long time.

KEY TO MY HEART: Now you can have the physical copy

How many times have you heard the expression "who holds the key to my heart?" in movies and romance novels? Is this key a physical one? The answer is yes, and we have it! Key To My Heart is a uniquely shaped coin that, at first glance, looks like a real key with elegant engravings and raised reliefs. 

Turning it over, you'll notice that you are dealing with a coin. This one is also in pure silver, making the key to your heart truly precious.MY

COUPLE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA: a walk of colours and love

Closing our review with a very special coin, also from Power Coin: we chose to honor the Belarusian artist Leonid Afremov, who passed away in 2019, by reproducing one of his most beautiful paintings on a coin from our highly successful Micropuzzle Treasures series. What struck us about this painting is the use of colors recreating an autumnal and romantic atmosphere, something not seen every day. 

To make it even more special, we created a small puzzle with almost 250 pieces using the Smartminting technique, allowing us to print each piece instead of a simple design. Couple Under One Umbrella exudes love from its design and great craftsmanship from the silver, with puzzle pieces separated from the rest of the plaque to create multiple levels on the same coin.

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