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In Girum Imus Nocte: the story behind our latest release

Posted on11 Months ago by 8698
In Girum Imus Nocte

"In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni"

What you just read is an ancient and mysterious Latin verse which means: "we go round and round in the night and are consumed by fire". Even though it was ascribed to Virgil, this verse cannot be found in any of his writings, which probably made this a late attribution. What we know for sure is that it is a very special phrase composed of palindromic letters: when reading the phrase backwards, the letters make up the same exact words.

You stepped back to check it, right? We did it, too!

Legend has it that if you write those words on a parchment and set it on fire, you'll have the power to evoke the philosopher's stone, a particular stone that in the Middle Ages was believed to have special properties in creating the Elixir of Long Life.
Keep on reading to learn more!

The reverse

Multiple evidence suggests that the Latin phrase refers to the moth, a nocturnal flying insect well-known to be attracted to firelight. This idea inspired us so much that we thought it would be great to insert a moth on the reverse, and so we did!

That is why the reverse of this beautiful coin features a moth in Ultra High Relief with two pairs of broad wings. On the moth's back is depicted an extra-detailed skull, to represent the dead-head moth. Finally, all around the reverse, we entered the Latin phrase symmetrically and in Relief, with the inscription: "2023" - the year of issue.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The obverse of the coin is even more incredible!

The obverse

All the elements that were in relief on the reverse, we find engraved and hollowed out in the obverse.

We were fascinated by the idea of the obverse as a complementary and opposite revisitation of the reverse; that is why it represents the moth excavated inside the coin, showing the details of the moths’s body. All around the obverse, the palindrome latin sentence is engraved, just as branded by fire. The Coat of Arms of Palau with the "20 dollars" face value completes the obverse of the coin.

This coin comes in a case that recalls, in its shape, a small insect case. Inside this case there is the Certificate of Authenticity with all the information about the coin, which has a limited mintage of 500 pieces.

The Industrial Proof Finish

The effort that makes this coin truly unique is the innovative Industrial Proof Finish.
We are proud to say that In Girum Nocte is the very first coin made with this pioneering Finish…and we actually made it ourselves!

We had the goal to give the coin a burning effect, in order to offer a styled implementation to this fire-forged coin. This finish also ensures that no coin is the same as another.
Therefore, each piece is to be considered truly unique and extremely valuable!

The combination of these elements gives a fascinating contrast, making this coin a one-of-a-kind collection piece that can't be missed in your collection.

Thanks for reading this blog post!

Now that you have learned more about this coin, we are sure you can't help but purchase it!

If you are wondering how, just know that you can do it by simply clicking the button below.

Would you like to take a closer look at the coin? Don't miss our video review in which we talk about it! 

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