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SOUTH CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA 1 Oz Silver Proof Coin 1$ 2010


A perfect memento of South Australia, this 2010 Celebrate Australia coin is aimed at collectors, international visitors and Australians who wish to rejoice in the marvels of their spectacular surroundings.

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Wombat (Vombatus ursinus)
Appearance: A stout, sturdy marsupial with a large blunt head, short muscular neck and stubby powerful legs.
Habitat: The common wombat is found in forested areas of South Eastern Australia.
Diet: Wombats graze on native grasses, sedges, herbs, bark and roots.

Interesting Wombat Facts:
Nicknamed 'Bulldozers of the Bush', wombats are great diggers and can move most things in their path, including farmer's fences. Female wombat pouches face backwards, so when they dig, their young are protected from debris.

  • CountryAustralia
  • Year2010
  • Face Value1 Dollar
  • MetalSilver
  • Fineness (purity)999/1000
  • Weight (g)31.1 (1 oz)
  • Diameter (mm)40.6
  • QualityProof
  • Mintage (pcs)2.500
  • Certificate (COA)Yes
  • Presentation case (box)Yes
The coin’s reverse combines struck and coloured pictorial elements representing South Australia. As well as a coloured composition featuring St Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide, the design includes an image of the State’s faunal emblem, a hairy-nosed wombat, and Sturt's Desert Pea, its floral emblem.
Issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, the coin’s obverse depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the 2010 year-date.