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BILBY Bush Babies Silver Proof Coin 50c Australia 2011


The fourth release from the five coin series, Australian Bush Babies Series, marks the Bilby struck of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality, the coin is issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Australia.

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They are a rabbit size marsupial with large ears, they have great hearing, and the ears also allow the bilby to lose heat, a sort of "thermoregulation", and their fur is soft grey with a bluish tinge. A long pointed snout and a large black and white tail with a white brush tip makes this a striking looking animal Strong claws enables this marsupial to burrow quickly through sandy soil and the Bilbys pouch faces backwards. Size wise they range from 30 to 60 cm in length with roughly a 20cm tail. The female is smaller than the male, and the species tends to be very solitar.
As mentioned earlier the Bilby has a great sense of hearing, it also relies heavily on its sense of smell, but their downfall is poor eyesight, that is why it ventures out of its burrow mostly at night time. Night is also a lot cooler for the Bilby in the desert.
These nocturnal creatures live in very arid country (desert), which have clumps of Spinifex grass and acacia shrubs preferably. There is not very many of these marsupials left and nowdays are found only in patches of Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern territory and small patches in arid parts of Queensland.

All coins in the series:

  • Kangaroo
  • Baby sugar glider
  • Dingo
  • Bilby
  • Koala
  • CountryAustralia
  • Year2011
  • Face Value50 Cents
  • MetalSilver
  • Fineness (purity)999/1000
  • Weight (g)15.57 (1/2 oz)
  • Diameter (mm)36.6
  • QualityProof
  • Mintage (pcs)10.000
  • Certificate (COA)Yes
  • Presentation case (box)Yes
In her fourth outstanding design for Australian Bush Babies, Elise Martinson portrays a beautiful little bilby with its eyes bright and alert. Portrayed in colour, the baby bilby is set against a background of native flowers and foliage. The design includes the bilby’s insect ‘friend’, a grasshopper and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.
The reverse of each coin includes The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark. The Ian-Rank Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the year-date appears on the obverse of each coin.