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A perfect memento of Victoria, this 2009 Celebrate Australia $1 coin is aimed at collectors, international visitors and Australians who wish to rejoice in the marvels of their spectacular surroundings.

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País Australia
Año 2009
Valor Facial 1 Dólar
Metal Aluminio - Bronce
Peso (g) 13.80
Diámetro (mm) 30.2
Calidad Proof
Tirada (uds) 7.500
Certificado de Autenticidad No

Victoria is a state located in the southeastern corner of Australia. It is the smallest mainland state in area but the most densely populated and urbanized. Over five million people inhabit the region. European settlement in Victoria began in the 1830s as a farming community.
The discovery of gold in 1851 transformed Victoria into a leading industrial and commercial center. Later discoveries occurred at many sites across Victoria. This triggered one of the largest gold rushes the world has ever seen. The colony grew rapidly in both population and economic power. In ten years the population of Victoria increased sevenfold from 76,000 to 540,000. All sorts of gold records were produced including the "richest shallow alluvial gold field in the world" and the largest gold nugget, the "Welcome Stranger". Victoria produced in the decade 1851–1860 20 million ounces of gold, one third of the world's output.
Victoria is the second most populous Australian state, after New South Wales, with an estimated population of over 5 million people. Melbourne is Victoria's capital and largest city, with more than 70% of all Victorians living there.
At Phillip Island, southeast of Melbourne, a viewing area has been set up at the Phillip Island Nature Park to allow tourists to view the nightly "Penguin Parade" of Little Penguins. Lights and concrete stands have been erected to allow visitors to see (but not to photograph) the birds interacting in their colony, who seem not to be bothered by the spectators. The "parade", which stands as a very popular attraction, brings half a million visitors a year.

The coin is part of a delightful series celebrating Australia’s eight mainland States and Territories. These eight colorful dollars comprise the Celebrate Australia Program. Each coin commemorates one of the eight Australian states and territories. The artistic and skillfully rendered design of each coin encompasses three distinct elements unique to each state or territory:

  • An iconic animal of that state or territory;
  • The official floral emblem;
  • A significant landmark or monument

Celebrate Australia Capital Territory $1 packageThe eight different states and territories represented include:

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia