LOKI Norse Gods The God Of Fire 2 Oz Moneda Plata 2$ Tuvalu 2016

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Third coin of the new series "Norse Gods" featuring Loki, god of fire, son of two giants, Farbauti and Laufey. The coin is minted with an exceptional High Relief technique creating a stunning visual effect and amazing design. The coin comes packaged in an attractive case, with the Certificate of Authenticity. Mintage 2.000 pcs worldwide.

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País Tuvalu
Año 2016
Valor Facial 2 Dólares
Metal Plata
Finura 999/1000
Peso (g) 62.2 (2 oz)
Diámetro (mm) 40.5
Calidad Acabado Antiguo
Tirada (uds) 2.000
Certificado de Autenticidad

In Norse mythology, Loki was a trickster who caused endless trouble for the gods but who also used his cunning to help them. He lived in Asgard, the home of the gods, and he served as a companion to the great gods Thor and Odin. Loki enjoyed mischief and disguise and could change his form to imitate any animal. At first the gods found him amusing, but eventually they became tired of his tricks and grew to dislike him. Nevertheless, Loki helped the gods on many occasions. One time a giant disguised as a builder came to Asgard, and offered to build a wall within a year and a half in exchange for Freyja, Odin's wife. Thinking the task was impossible, the gods agreed to the deal. However, the giant had a powerful stallion that could perform great feats of labor. When it looked as if the giant would succeed, Loki disguised himself as a mare and lured the stallion away, preventing the wall from being completed. The mare later gave birth to an eight-legged horse called Sleipnir, which Loki gave as a gift to Odin.