SNOWMAN Heart Melting 3 Moneda Set Christmas Plata Proof Moneda 2$ 5$ 10$ Kiribati 2016

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This beautiful Silver coin set is dedicated to the Christmas Holiday featuring an original Snowman created by three coins, with different specifications and weights. Limited mintage of 999 pieces worldwide.

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País Kiribati
Año 2016
Valor Facial 2 Dollars - 5 Dollars - 10 Dollars
Metal Plata
Finura 925/1000
Peso (g) 1/4 - 1/2 - 1 oz
Diámetro (mm) 20 - 25 - 38.61
Calidad Proof
Tirada (uds) 999
Certificado de Autenticidad
Set (uds) 3

A snowman (or snowperson) is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture often built by children in regions with sufficient snowfall. In North America, typical snowmen consist of three large snowballs of different sizes with some additional accoutrements for facial and other features. Common accessories include branches for arms and a rudimentary smiley face, with a carrot standing in for a nose. Human clothing, such as a hat or scarf, may be included. Low-cost and availability are the common issues, since snowmen are usually abandoned to the elements once completed.

Snowmen are a popular theme for Christmas and winter decorations and also in children's media. A famous snowman character is Frosty, the titular snowman in the popular children's song "Frosty the Snowman" (later adapted into film and television specials), who was magically brought to life by the old silk hat used on his head.