SQUIRRELFISH Red Sea Marine Life 1 Oz Moneda Plata 5$ Palau 2016

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This attractive coin is the fourth coin in the new series ”Red Sea Marine Life” and features an image of beautiful Squirrelfish, a colorful creature of the sea and a genus of marine fish. The coin has an impressive coloration, a Proof quality and will be shipped in an attractive case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to 5.000 pieces worldwide.

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País Palau
Año 2016
Valor Facial 5 Dólares
Metal Plata
Finura 999/1000
Peso (g) 31.1 (1 oz)
Diámetro (mm) 38.61
Calidad Proof
Tirada (uds) 5.000
Certificado de Autenticidad

The longspine squirrelfish is a beautiful, brightly coloured species. The body accentuates its charming silvery-red, irregular, thorny scales and its golden orange stripes from head to tail. They have a streamlined body with a distinctive dorsal fin jutting up at the rear end, with a white spot located at the top of each dorsal spine. The longspine squirrelfish usually ranges from 12-25cm in length. This species has a relatively large eye. There are no clear distinctions between male and female longspine squirrelfish. They are distributed along the south-eastern coast of the United States to northern South America and Brazil. They inhabit shallow coral reefs in the Caribbean for example Trinidad and Tobago and Bermuda.