NANO LAST JUDGMENT Florence Cathedral Ceilings of Heaven Серебро Монета 5$ Острова Кука 2014


Новый товар

Third coin in series, the entire Florence Cathedral fresco is entirely depicted on the octagonal shaped Nano Chip embedded in the coin. Onto the size of a finger nail a very high resolution image is engraved with the technology of microelectronics on an ultra-planar Nano Chip, produced in a dust free environment out of high purity quartz in extreme vacuum. Mintage 999 pcs only!

149.95 €

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Country - Страна Острова Кука
Year - Год 2014
Face Value - Номинал 5 Доддаров
Metal - Метал Серебро
Fineness - Проба .999
Weight - Вес (g) 25
Size - Размеры (mm) 30 x 45
Quality - Качество покрытия Антик-отделка
Mintage - Тираж (pcs) 999
Certificate (COA) - Сертификат подлинности Да
Presentation case - Упаковка Нет
Weight range - Диапазон веса Менее 1 oz


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