QUEEN ELIZABETH I BU Münze Pack £5 UK Royal Mint 2008

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To celebrate the 450th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, the Royal Mint has struck a new commemorative £5 coin for 2008 with a specially designed reverse.

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Technische Daten
Land Vereinigtes Königreich
Jahr 2008
Nominal 5 Pfunds
Metall Kupfernickel
Gewicht (g) 28.28
Durchmesser (mm) 38.61
Erhaltung BU - Stempelglanz
Auflage (Stück) 500.000
Zertifikat (COA) Ja
Etui Ja
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On 17 November 1558 the 25-year-old Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was proclaimed Queen of England. She became one of the best-loved and influential English monarchs, whose date of accession remained a national holiday for 200 years. To celebrate the 450th anniversary of her becoming Queen a £5 crown has been struck featuring on its reverse a portrait of Elizabeth by the silversmith Rod Kelly.
Inspired by the magnificent 'Armada' portrait of Elizabeth by George Gower, the Queen is crowned and set within a mandorla created by four decorative arches. A rose has been placed at each connecting point while the two side arches each contain a beautiful leaf pattern reminiscent of the carvings made by the Queen's loyal servant and friend, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. The year of her accession and the year of the anniversary are both shown in Roman numerals.