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This $1 Uncirculated Banner Fish coin captures the unique marine life in stunning colour. The bannerfish is usually living along reef fronts. These coins come presented with great facts about their interesting species. Aimed at young collectors, this release from the Royal Australian Mint is one of a colourful series celebrating Australia’s incredible marine life.

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Technische Daten
Land Australien
Jahr 2007
Nominal 1 Dollar
Metall Aluminium - Bronze
Gewicht (g) 9.00
Durchmesser (mm) 25
Erhaltung BU - Stempelglanz
Auflage (Stück) Unlimited
Zertifikat (COA) Nein
Etui Ja
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Longfin Bannerfish (Heniochus acuminatus)
Colour: White with two broad black bands. The soft dorsal and tail fins are yellow.
Habitat: Sheltered coastal bays and coral reef waters around the tropical north, and further south on both the east and west coast of Australia.
Diet: Zooplankton and bottom-living invertebrates.

Interesting Bannerfish and Coral Facts:
Adult Longfin Bannerfish grow to 25 cm in length and have long tapering dorsal filaments that trail like a banner.
Reef-building corals are colonies of tiny animals that live in warm, shallow, well lit waters. They are related to sea anemones and jellyfish.

The coin is part of a delightful series celebrating Australia’s sea life, Ocean Series that includes:

  • White Shark
  • Bigbelly Seahorse
  • Longfin Bannerfish
  • Biscuit Star
  • Clown Fish
  • Bottlenose Dolphin