BILBY BANDICOOT LAND SERIES Монета 1$ Австралия 2009

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These coins have a highly detailed sculpted background design, and a colour image pad printed directly onto the coin surface. This technique really brings to life all of these unique Australian bush animals as part of our Land Series. The coin is packaged for presentation in a blister card and feature relevant and educational information about their breed and species.

14.95 €

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Country - Страна Австралия
Year - Год 2009
Face Value - Номинал 1 Доллар
Metal - Метал Алюминиевая бронза
Weight - Вес (g) 9.00
Diameter - Диаметр (mm) 25
Quality - Качество покрытия Бриллант Анциркулейтед
Mintage - Тираж (pcs) Unlimited
Certificate (COA) - Сертификат подлинности Нет
Presentation case - Упаковка Да
Weight range - Диапазон веса Менее 1 oz


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