CONCORDE Airplane BU Moneda Pack £5 Alderney UK Royal Mint 2008

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Concorde, the remarkable supersonic passenger aircraft, on 24 October 2003 made its final flight and to mark five years since Concorde was decommissioned the Royal Mint has produced a limited-edition £5 coin for the issuing authority of Alderney.

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País Reino Unido
Año 2008
Valor Facial 5 Pounds
Metal Cuproníquel
Peso (g) 28.28
Diámetro (mm) 38.61
Calidad BU - Brilliant Uncirculated
Tirada (uds) 7.500
Certificado de Autenticidad

When British Airways retired its Concorde fleet of seven aircraft in October 2003 it brought an end to one of the greatest periods in aviation history. Concorde was the product of a joint venture between Britain and France and the first prototype was unveiled in 1967. Concorde made her first flight in March 1969 and her first supersonic flight in October that same year. Commercial flights began in 1976 and, in almost three decades of service, Concorde won many fans with her unique blend of speed, grace and beauty.
Concorde's last passenger flight - from New York to London - took place on 24 October 2003 and the following month, the seven Concordes owned by British Airways went to museums around the world. Five years after retirement Concorde continues to hold man to thrall and in remembrance, Alderney has issued a superb commemorative coin.

The reverse shows Concorde enclosed within a pattern of concentric circles representative of the sonic boom produced when she exceeds the speed of sound.
The design consists of two main elements - a foreground and a background: the foreground features a literal representation of the aircraft in flight while the flat design of the background incorportes three sub-elements:

  • a silhouette of Concorde showing its sleek delta wing shape;
  • in the upper half the V-shaped pressure wave with radial sound waves which in super sonic flight are promulgated back from the aircraft, the aircraft moving forward faster than the sound waves it produces;
  • in the lower half a representation of the pressure wave hitting the ground after the aircraft has passed and producing the classic N-shaped curve of positive and negative pressure which forms the Sonic Boom.