SWAN Endangered Wildlife Moneda Plata Swarovski 500 Togrog Mongolia 2006

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This coin is issued by the National Bank of Mongolia promoting wildlife protection. It portrays a swan (cygnus olor), a tender creature depicted with swarosky crystals in the water lili flower.
The reverse shows typical Mongolian symbols.

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País Mongolia
Año 2006
Valor Facial 500 Togrog
Metal Plata
Finura 925/1000
Peso (g) 25
Diámetro (mm) 38.61
Calidad Proof
Tirada (uds) 2.500
Certificado de Autenticidad
Caja No

Mongolia has over 11 extensive regions with plenty of water resources covering a total area of almost 1.5 million hectares. The lakes play a fundamentally important role in supplying the country’s ground water needs.

Vast reed beds and extensive aquatic plant communities provide a suitable habitat for a large number of breeding and migratory water birds.

There are 18 species of birds included in the Mongolian ‘red data’ book. One of them is the mute swan (cygnus olor). This swan breeds in sub-arctic and taiga habitats of Eurasia which extend as far as Mongolia in the Far East. On average they lay five eggs, each weighing around 330g. The incubation period is 31 days and the grey cygnets weigh 200 -230g when they hatch. At up to 13.5kg, adult whooper swans are among the heaviest of all migratory birds. Even so, they can travel at speeds in excess of 90 km per hour.

The Bank of Mongolia’s coin set displays a mute swan in a typically Mongolian lake district. The silver coin also features a very special addition in the form of the flower of the water lily, itself a CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements.