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These coins have a highly detailed sculpted background design, and a colour image pad printed directly onto the coin surface. This technique really brings to life all of these unique Australian bush animals as part of our Land Series. The coin is packaged for presentation in a blister card and feature relevant and educational information about their breed and species.

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Technische Daten
Land Australien
Jahr 2009
Nominal 1 Dollar
Metall Aluminium - Bronze
Gewicht (g) 9.00
Durchmesser (mm) 25
Erhaltung BU - Stempelglanz
Auflage (Stück) Unlimited
Zertifikat (COA) Nein
Etui Ja
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Frilled Neck Lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)
Appearance: 'Camouflage' colouring with a bright neck frill, displayed when the lizard is alarmed.
Habitat: These lizards like hot tropical climates and are found throughout northern Australia.
Diet: Hunts in trees for insects, and on the ground for ants, termites, spiders and smaller lizards.

Interesting Frilled Neck Lizard Facts:
When this one metre long lizard is frightened, it runs on its hind legs and is sometimes called the 'bicycle lizard' because of this behaviour. When Australia adopted decimal currency, the Frilled Neck Lizard was pictured on the two cent coin.

The coin is part of a delightful series celebrating Australia’s land life, Land Series that includes:

  • Wombat
  • Bilby
  • Koala
  • Frilled Neck Lizard
  • Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
  • Short-beacked Echidna