GREEK CHTHONIC GODS Multiple Layer Relief 1 Kilo Silber Münze 25$ Samoa 2017

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This 1 kilo Pure Silver coin is a spectacular Three Dimensional Effect Coin with Antique Finish quality, dedicated to the most known Greek Chthonic Gods. It is the second kilo coin with Multiple Layer Minting Technique. Strictly limited mintage to only 199 pieces worldwide!

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1,779.95 €

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Technische Daten
Land Samoa
Jahr 2017
Nominal 25 Dollar
Metall Silber
Feinheit (Reinheit) 999/1000
Gewicht (g) 1000 (1 Kg)
Durchmesser (mm) 100
Erhaltung Antik Finish
Auflage (Stück) 199
Zertifikat (COA) Ja
Etui Ja
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Chthonic Gods
Chthonic, of or relating to earth, particularly the Underworld. Chthonic figures in Greek mythology included Hades and Persephone, the rulers of the Underworld, and the various heroes venerated after death; even Zeus, the king of the sky, had earthly associations and was venerated as Zeus Chthonius. Oracles (prophecies) delivered through incubation (that is, whereby the inquirer slept in a holy precinct and received an answer in a dream) were believed to come from chthonian powers. In the symbolism and iconography of chthonic deities, snakes are often associated with such deities in world mythology; thus, divinities are often portrayed entwined with serpents.