COIN HOLDER PLEXIGLASS Stand Display Münzen Medals 40-60 mm

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High quality plexiglass coin stand for coins and medals. The best accessory for exhibiting your most rare and valuable coins and medals. Available also in quality hard wood.

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This high quality coin holder is the perfect way to showcase a single coin of great value or beauty. Made of plexiglas, this holder features two small gilded supports and a solid back support to prevent accidental falls.

  • Transparent plexiglass to become invisible behind the coin.
  • Featured by two gilded supports.
  • Solid back support to prevent accidental falls.
  • Ideal for display individual coins on desk, shelves, display cases etc.
  • Not only useful for exhibiting coins and medals, but also perfect for other purposes as placeholders for the table, to display prices, business cards etc.
  • In the picture, coin diameter: 40 mm, capsule diameter 44 mm.