GULO GULO Wolverine COTY Silber Münze Swarovski 500 Togrog Mongolia 2007

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This coin is the 26th "Coin of the Year 2009" award winner. It is issued by the National Bank of Mongolia promoting wildlife protection. It portrays a gulo gulo, a wolverine-like creature depicted with Swarovski crystals for eyes.
The 500 tugrik won in the Best Silver coin category.

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Technische Daten
Land Mongolei
Jahr 2007
Nominal 500 Togrog
Metall Silber
Feinheit (Reinheit) 999/1000
Gewicht (g) 31.1 (1 oz)
Durchmesser (mm) 38.61
Erhaltung Antik Finish
Auflage (Stück) 2.500
Zertifikat (COA) Ja
Etui Nein
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The Wolverine (lat. gulo gulo) is also referred to as Järv or as the Marten Bear and domiciles in northern Eurasia and in North America. He belongs to the Marten species (mustelidae). These animals can grow up to one meter. Thereby the males can weigh up to 30 kg. The Wolverine is night-active and is actually a soil inhabitant who is also able to climb and swim. While living in freedom it is possible for them to become 10 years of age.

The Wolverine is on the Red List of endangered species and on many parts of the earth already extinct. The reason for the decimation was the hunting in the past in order to obtain its beautiful coat and the fact that the glutton stops at nothing while intruding into houses looking for food.

A new commemorative coin from Mongolia shows the Wolverine from the front view and in artistic high relief. As particularity the eyes are fit with two glistening CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski Elements.

The Coin of the Year awards are one of the most prestigious accolades a coin designer or national mint can be honored with.
The coins which will be recognized at COTY awards event are minted two year ago. The COTY lags so far behind because 25 years ago when it was begun, technology wasn't what it is today, and actual printed coin photographs had to be mailed back and forth among the more than 50 judges, so the contest took many months just for the voting phase (not to mention nominations, back-end administration, etc.). Plus, print publishers who covered the event often had 2-3 month lead times. All told, it meant that the coins minted until, say, Dec. 31 of 1981 would start being considered in early 1982 and by the time the whole process was done and awards were handed out, we're into 1983 already! Fast forward 26 years and you have the organizers of the contest, World Coin News and Krause Publications, trying to jump ahead a few months each year to get the contest onto a more normal track for today's technological capabilities.

The judging panel consists of more than 50 leading experts in minting technology, banking and coin distribution, numismatic journalism, and coin collectors/dealers. The coins for the People's Choice Award were nominated by the general public during a nomination period that ended November 15th. The nominated coins were sent to the judging panel, where the judges determined the top vote-getters and established the 12 finalists. Now it's time for you to let your voice be heard for this prestigious award. There are many categories like:
Most Popular Coin, Best Trade Coin, Most Historically Significant, Most Innovative Coin, Most Inspirational, Best Gold , Best Silver Coin, Best Crown, Best Contemporary Event, Most Artistic.