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  • <p>The amazing coin set "The Fresco Under The Dome", depicts the Last Judgement, mastepiece of Italian artists Brunelleschi and Vasari, in Florence Cathedral. The coin consists of 9 edgeless minted and impressively colored silver bars, which all put together form one coin unit. Shaped as 8 trapezoidal coins plus an octagonal coin with a hole in the middle. Limited to only 500 sets worldwide!</p>

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  • <p>This beautiful silver coin is to honor John Paul II. This silver collector coin is commemorating a person that through his life, he demonstrated that a close relationship with God and His sacred will is possible and bears wonderful fruit of sainthood. Very rare coin!</p>
    JOHN PAUL II Pope...

    This beautiful silver coin is to honor John Paul II. This silver ...>>

  • <p>Mie, 2014 issue of silver proof colorized 1000 yen coin by Japan Mint, from Japan 47 prefectures series. Mie is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region on Honshu island.</p>
    MIE 47...

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  • <p>This innovative $5 dome-shaped coin features the Orion Constellation spanning the coin as a celestial image and is framed by a rim featuring a compass design. Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world and is the third release in the Southern Sky series.</p>

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  • <p>First coin of the amazing new series Flowers of Canada consists of three different coins depicting the flowers of the gardens of Canada. In this edition a tulip engraved on niobium, a rare and gray metal.</p>
    TULIP Niobium...

    First coin of the amazing new series Flowers of Canada consists of ...>>

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FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS FMX Extreme Sports Silver Coin 10D Andorra 2008

Silver proof coin commemorates "Freestyle Motocross", one of the most extreme sport in the world!

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69.95 €

Motocross is a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off road circuits. Motocross is derived from the French, and traces its origins to British Scrambling competitions. The name "motocross" is a portmanteau derived from the words "motorcycle" and "Cross Country".
The typical format for motocross races is as follows: there are two races each a half an hour plus two laps. At the end of the two races, who ever did best overall wins. For instance, if one person wins the first race and comes in 5th in the second race, and another person comes in 3rd in the first race and 2nd in the second, the second person would win. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker is awarded to the person doing best in the final race.
Motocross was first known as a British off-road event called the Scrambles, which were themselves an evolution of Trials events popular in northern Britain.
In 1952 the FIM, motorcycling’s international governing body, created an individual European Championship using a 500 cc engine displacement formula. In 1957, it was upgraded it to World Championship status. In 1962, a 250 cc world championship was created. During the early 1980s, Japanese factories presided over a technology boom in motocross.

Freestyle Motocross (also known as FMX) is a variation on the sport of motocross and is a relatively new sport, which doesn't involve racing and instead concentrates on performing acrobatic stunts while jumping motocross bikes. The winner is chosen by a group of judges. The riders are scored on style, level of trick difficulty, best use of the course, and frequently crowd reaction as well.

The coat of arms of the Principality of Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra (in Catalan: Principat d'Andorra), is a small, landlocked country in western Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. Its official language is Catalan, but both French and Spanish are commonly spoken by the approximately 70,000 residents. The capital and largest city is Andorra la Vella.

  • Country
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  • Face Value
    10 Diners
  • Metal
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  • Presentation case (box)
The coin also features strong and vibrant colorization which calls to mind the hard sport commemorated.
As part of "Xtreme Sport" serie this 2008 silver coin has been released in Proof quality, on a 10 Diners coin struck for the Principality of Andorra.
The main part of the coin shows an image of a motorcyclist in a motocross races on a backgroung of a stylized downhill. At the bottom, along the edge of the coin, semicircular inscription, XTREME.
The reverse of the coin depicts the Coat of Arms of the Principality of Andorra and the semicircular inscription in Catalonian language "PRINCIPAT D’ANDORRA".