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ORCHIDS Native 2 Silver Proof Coin Set 5$ Singapore 2014


Beautiful 2014 Silver Set Coins celebrates the beauty of these unusual blooms as well as pay homage to the Native Orchids of Singapore after the great success of the latest coin set. Singapore Mint proudly presents two native orchids Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi and Coelogyne Rochussenii, both striking in looks and personality. Low mintage to only 3.000 sets worldwide!

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Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi
Epiphytic plant, robust, with many roots produced on a rhizome-like stem, fleshy, flexuous, often ramified, glabrous. Stem short, completely enclosed by imbricating leafs sheaths. Leaves fleshy, oblong-ligulate or oblong-oblanceolate, obtuse or rounded, sometimes at bilobate apex, exceeding 20 cm. long and 4 cm. wide. Flower stalk one to several, very variable in lenght, from 9 to 40 cm, cylindrical then slightly compressed laterally, simple or branched, erect or arched. Rachis flattened in zigzag, carrying several fleshy flowers. Bracts alternate, distichous, cucullate finishing in hook, dorsaly ducted, 5 mm long or more. Fleshy flowers, waxy with well spread out segments. Dorsal sepal obovale elliptic or oblanceolate-elliptic very ducted dorsaly towards the apex. Slightly turned over edges. Lateral sepals slightly oblique, elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, acute, also dorsaly ducted at the apex. Petals lanceolate or elliptic-lanceolate, acute or round, dorsaly thickened towards their apex.

Coelogyne Rochussenii
Coelogyne rochussenii is a warm-growing, pendulous flowering orchid from low tropical areas of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines (where it is rare). In these tropical countries it is found growing near sea level. Check out this  Facebook link. The video is a bit slow to start but WOW! It is really common in Singapore under cultivation and forms huge spectacular specimens with almost a curtain of pendulous spikes of flowers all around the pot. Another 'old' Coelogyne, it was named in 1854 by Willem de Vriese to honour of Mr Rochussen, the Minister of the Colonies of the Duch East Indies at the time.

  • CountrySingapore
  • Year2014
  • Face Value5 Dollars
  • MetalSilver
  • Fineness (purity)999/1000
  • Weight (g)31.1 (1 oz)
  • Diameter (mm)40.7
  • QualityProof
  • Mintage (pcs)3.000
  • Certificate (COA)Yes
  • Presentation case (box)Yes
  • Set (pcs)2

The Native Orchids of Singapore Coin Set features two native orchids: Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi and Coelogyne Rochussenii. This coin set consists of two pieces of 999 Fine Silver coins with colour application. Each set is accompanied by two certificates of authenticity each from the individual coins with the same serial number. This coin set is also the pioneer batch bearing a special semi-rimless effect. This special effect further accentuates the splendour of the rare blooms. The obverse of the coin features the Singapore Coat of Arms and the year-2014.