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COINS FROM THE CRIPT R.I.P. Horror Tales Coffin Shaped Timber Set 4 Silver Coin 5$ Kiribati 2016


Struck from sterling silver, with monsters jumping out in rich full-colour, the collection is comprised of creatures that celebrate classic horror tales such as the Werewolf, the Grim Reaper, the Headless Horseman and the Curse of the Mummy. The collection is housed in an impressive coffin shaped timber presentation case, and when the lid is opened, it activates ghoulish sounds & screams.

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The Werewolf, the Grim Reaper, the Headless Horseman and the Curse of the Mummy
A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction (e.g. via a bite or scratch from another werewolf). Early sources for belief in lycanthropy are Petronius and Gervase of Tilbury.
In some mythologies, the Grim Reaper actually causes the victim's death by coming to collect them. In turn, people in some stories try to hold on to life by avoiding Death's visit, or by fending Death off with bribery or tricks, as in the case of Sisyphus. Other beliefs hold that the Spectre of Death is only a psychopomp, serving to sever the last ties between the soul and the body, and to guide the deceased to the afterlife, without having any control over when or how the victim dies. In many mythologies (including Anglo-American), Death is personified in male form, while in others, Death is perceived as female.
The Headless Horseman is a fictional character from the short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by American author Washington Irving. The story, from Irving's collection of short stories entitled The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., has worked itself into known American folklore/legend through literature and film. It is generally about a Headless Horseman.
The curse of the pharaohs refers to an alleged curse believed by some to be cast upon any person who disturbs the mummy of an Ancient Egyptian person, especially a pharaoh. This curse, which does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, allegedly can cause bad luck, illness or death. Since the mid-20th century, many authors and documentaries have argued that the curse is 'real' in the sense of being caused by scientifically explicable causes such as bacteria or radiation. However, the modern origins of Egyptian mummy curse tales, their development primarily in European cultures, the shift from magic to science to explain curses, and their changing uses—from condemning disturbance of the dead to entertaining horror film audiences—suggest that Egyptian curses are primarily a cultural, not exclusively scientific, phenomenon.

  • CountryKiribati
  • Year2016
  • Face Value5 Dollars
  • MetalSilver
  • Fineness (purity)925/1000
  • Weight (g)25
  • Diameter (mm)40
  • QualityProof
  • Mintage (pcs)2.000
  • Certificate (COA)Yes
  • Presentation case (box)Yes
  • Set (pcs)4
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The reverse of each coin depicts the creature that celebrate classic horror tales such as the Werewolf, the Grim Reaper, the Headless Horseman and the Curse of the Mummy. The obverse of each coin depicts the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the issue country, the issue date and the face value.