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YELLOW EYED PENGUIN SET 6 Coins Silver Proof 5$ New Zealand 2011


The proof currency set is the supreme collectable of this issue. A stylish, premium-quality presentation case displays the $5 pure silver Yellow-eyed Penguin coin alongside a complete collection of proof-quality 2011 New Zealand currency coins. This valuable product will make a stunning addition to your collection, or a timeless gift for an animal lover or conservationist in your life.

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The Yellow-eyed Penguin – (Megadyptes antipodes), or ‘hoiho’ in Maori – is one of nature’s delights. About 65 centimetres tall and weighing around five kilograms as an adult, it’s easily identified by the distinctive yellow stripe that runs across its bright yellow eyes and around the back of its head.
The Yellow-eyed Penguin can only be found in New Zealand’s south-eastern South Island and Stewart Island, and in the sub-Antarctic Campbell and Auckland Islands. Unfortunately, coastal development, especially the clearing of coastal shrublands and forest, together with predators, have taken their toll on the penguin numbers.
Thankfully help is at hand from the Department of Conservation, the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, private landowners and rehabilitation centres. The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, the key independent trust protecting the hoiho in New Zealand, runs a comprehensive coastal conservation programme to re-establish their coastal habitat and control predators, and provides information to schools and the public on penguin conservation.

New Zealand coins in currency sets:
Denomination: New Zealand five dollars (NZD $5).
Composition: Pure silver 0.999
Weight: 31.10 g
Diameter: 38.7 mm
Reverse design: The Yellow-eyed Penguin featured in its natural habitat.

Denomination: New Zealand two dollars (NZD $2)
Composition: Brass
Weight: 11.25 g
Diameter: 26.5 mm
Reverse design: The kotuku (white heron) flying right.

Denomination: New Zealand one dollar (NZD $1)
Composition: Brass
Weight: 8.60 g
Diameter: 23.0 mm
Reverse design: The kiwi, bringing to reality the colloquial term ‘Kiwi Dollar’.

Denomination: New Zealand 50 cents
Composition: Copper-nickel
Weight:5.60 g
Diameter: 24.75 mm
Reverse design: The Endeavour sailing south, with Mount Taranaki (Egmont) in the distance.

Denomination: New Zealand 20 cents
Composition: Copper-nickel
Weight: 4.45 g
Diameter: 21.75 mm
Reverse design: Maori ‘pukaki’ carving.

Denomination: New Zealand 10 cents
Composition: Copper
Weight: 3.70 g
Diameter: 20.50 mm
Reverse design: Maori carved head or koruru.

  • CountryNew Zealand
  • Year2011
  • QualityProof
  • Mintage (pcs)1.500
  • Certificate (COA)Yes
  • Presentation case (box)Yes
  • Set (pcs)6