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TOCHIGI 47 Prefectures (23) Silver Proof Coin 1000 Yen Japan Mint 2012


Tochigi, 2012 issue of silver proof colorized 1000 yen coin by Japan Mint, from Japan 47 prefectures series. Tochigi Prefecture is a prefecture located in the Kanto region on the island of Honshu. The capital is the city of Utsunomiya.

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Situated among the inland prefectures of the northern part of the Kantō region, Tochigi is contiguous with Ibaraki, Gunma, Saitama, and Fukushima prefecture.
The climate of Tochigi may be classified as a humid temperate zone with broad variations in temperature. Winters are arid with dry winds, while summers are humid with frequent thunderstorms.
The population of Tochigi as of November 2010 is approximately 2,005,096.
Located in the center of the prefecture is the largest open plain in the Kantō region. Shirane (2,578 m), Nantai (2,484 m) and Nasudake (1,917 m) mountain are in the northern part of the area. Kinugawa, Nakagawa, and Watarase River originate in this region, which flow across the Kanto plain before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. Tochigi is the 20th largest prefecture in Japan with a total area of 6,408 square km.

  • CountryJapan
  • Year2012
  • Face Value1000 Yen
  • MetalSilver
  • Fineness (purity)999/1000
  • Weight (g)31.1 (1 oz)
  • Diameter (mm)40
  • QualityProof
  • Mintage (pcs)100.000
  • Certificate (COA)Yes
  • Presentation case (box)Yes
Obverse design: Yomei–mon Gate of Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Nikko Toshogu Shrine is a mausoleum of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu (1542~1616), the founder of Tokugawa shogunate. It was registered as World Heritage Site, together with Arayama Shrine and Rinno–ji Temple, as "Shrines and Temples of Nikko" in 1999. Yomei–mon Gate, a symbol of the shrine, was founded under the command of the third Shogun TOKUGAWA Iemitsu in 1635. It was named after "Yomei–mon Gate", one of the twelve great gates of the Heian Palace in Kyoto. The plate engraved "Tosho Daigongen", honorific title of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu, is hung in front, which was given by Emperor Goyozei. Also, Yomei–mon Gate has another name, "Higurashi–mon", meaning "Day–passing Gate". This is because inside of the gate is decked with 508 sculptures as well as brilliant colored ornaments, and you cannot be bored even after seeing them all the day. Common reverse design of 1000 yen silver coin: Snow Crystals, Moon and Cherry Blossoms.