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POKER HOLE CARDS Cowboys Texas Hold'em Coin 1$ Palau 2010


This is the second edition of the coin series “Hole Cards“: two Kings are called “Cowboys". These cards also referred to as the starting hand, are the cocealed cards which a gambler receives in various poker versions. In the game Texas Hold‘em, the most popular and mostly played version at the moment, each gambler receives two cards.

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Here's a quick guide to the ten best Texas Hold'em poker hands:

1. Ace-Ace: This is the best Hold'em poker hand you can hope to have. It's the best of the best, and will win more than any other hand. Also known as American Airlines, pocket rockets, and bullets.
2. King-King: This 2nd-best hold'em hand is still incredibly strong and will win you a good chunk of change. Two kings, or "cowboys" are only dominated by aces.
3. Queen-Queen Two queens, or "ladies" are a very good hand. Sure, kings and aces will beat you, but you've got the upper hand on jacks and below.
4. Ace-King: Ace-king is a strong but tricky hand. It is the strongest of the drawing hands, but the flop needs to work with you to give you a pair of aces or kings for it to really pay off. Suited it is slightly stronger than unsuited, as then you can also make the nut flush much more easily.
5. Jack-Jack: A pair of jacks, ten-handed, will win almost 20% of the time. If the flop shows a queen, king, or ace, watch out, but otherwise, it's smooth sailing.
6. Ace-Queen: Ace-queen is the second best drawing hand, and when suited, will win about 20% of the time as well.
7. King-Queen: King-queen, especially suited, is a great drawing hand that is only afraid of an Ace falling on the board.
8. Ace-Jack: Ace-jack is another great drawing hand. Suited is always better here, but unsuited is still playable.
9. King-Jack: King-jack, especially in later positions, is a fine hand to play, but can be beat by any of the hands listed above and should be folded to big raises. Statistically, suited it will win just under 19% of the time, but unsuited that drops to just 15%.
10. Ace-Ten: Ace-ten is still a good hand -- you've got the ace, and can make a straight if the miracle J-Q-K falls on the board. But be wary of playing it too strong, especially unsuited, as if all you end up with is a pair of aces, you may be out-kicked.

There is only a 0.45% chance of receiving two Kings. This second highest Hole Card combination is normally played aggressively before the flop (the first three community cards) is drawn. This means that during the first betting round many chips are placed in the pot (raise, re-raise, or mainly at a later tournament phase also all-in). The gamblers do this to safeguard the Kings as a single Ace pair would win the round.

  • CountryPalau
  • Year2010
  • Face Value1 Dollar
  • MetalCupronickel
  • Weight (g)35
  • Diameter (mm)50
  • QualityAntique Finish
  • Mintage (pcs)5.000
  • Certificate (COA)No
  • Presentation case (box)No
Each $1 coin represent Cowboys "hole cards", from the huge popular game of Texas Hold’em. An inspiring innovation, the coin features a corner from a card used in one of the world’s biggest poker tournaments, held at one of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos!